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center for sustainable justice

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When Center for Sustainable Justice published the Sustainable Justice Charter on 10 December 2015, we asked a number of internationally influential scholars, judges and professionals to sign the Charter. Many of them did so enthusiastically.

Read here who these co-signers are and what they said about the Charter:


Judge Dr. Andrew J. Cannon, a well known Australian judge (Deputy Chief Magistrate and Senior Mining Warden) and professor (Flinders University and University of Münster, Germany) from Adelaide, South Australia. His comment:

‘Keep on the good work!’


Prof. Dr. Martine E. Herzog-Evans, an influential French criminal law professor at the University of Reims and President of the French Confederation of Probation.Her comment:

Brilliant! Of course I do sign ‘with both hands‘ as we say in French. Congrats on this initiative.’


Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren, a well known American Mental Health Court judge (Broward County Court in Florida, USA). Her Comment:

It is my honor and privilege to sign the Charter. You have permission to add my name in support of sustainable justice.’


Prof. Dr. Tania Sourdin, an influential Australian law professor (Dean of the Newcastle University Law School, former director of the Australian Centre for Justice Innovation of Monash University). Her comment:

‘What a wonderful initiative, that I thoroughly support.’


Jeremy Travis, then President of John Jay College of Criminal Law of City University New York, signing the Charter under personal title. Mr. Travis is now Senior Vice President of Criminal Law at the Laura and John Arnold Foundation. His comment:

‘I am comfortable with my name being added to other signatories. My signature is on personal title.’


Prof. Dr. Tom R. Tyler, an influential professor of law and psychology at Yale University, USA and a main founder of Procedural Justice. His comment:

‘I read your charter and am happy to be a co-signer.’


Prof. Dr. David B. Wexler, an influential American criminal law professor (University of Puerto Rico and University of Arizona) and a main founder Therapeutic Jurisprudence. His comment:

‘This is terrific work and am happy to promote it.’


J. Kim Wright, an internationally famous American lawyer, Legal Rebel (2009) of the American Bar Association, author of Lawyers as Peacemakers (2010) and Lawyers as Changemakers (2016), founder of the Integrative Law Movement. Her comment:

‘Yes, I do support the Charter! I happily add my name to the signers.’