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After studying Dutch Law at Utrecht University, Alexander started his career in the legal profession. He soon noticed that courts often did not have a proper answer to the real needs of his clients.

In a think tank for sustainability, Alexander realized that justice would become socially sustainable if relationships would improve as a result. He developed a sustainable approach to law that could meet the clients’ real needs.

For 20 years, Alexander perfected his sustainable approach. After that, he traveled to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to study innovative justice projects and to talk with those who work there or deal with these courts. He also had interviews with initiators of these projects.

As these innovative courts are extremely successful and they apply justice in a socially sustainable way, Alexander decided to develop Sustainable Justice as a concept.

Alexander publishes regularly about this concept and speaks at international conferences, academic expert meetings, readings, lectures and workshops. He has a large international network.


Alexander is divorced, has three children and seven grandchildren. He is an active practitioner of the Indonesian martial art Pentjak Silat, plays percussion at African dance classes, is a plant hobbyist and loves gardening.