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Alexander de Savornin LohmanAlexander
de Savornin Lohman

As a young lawyer, Alexander discovered that his clients needed more than what the courts could offer at the time. In search of what the extra should be, he joined a think tank on sustainability. He became fascinated by the idea that justice could contribute to the quality of society. In his practice he started applying the law as a vehicle to improve mutual relations. He discovered that by doing so, underlying problems could be solved as well. Alexander improved his approach over 20 years, and developed the Lohman Cabbage Conflict Model.


Spurred on by his drive for innovation, Alexander travelled to the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to study innovative justice in those countries. He systematically explored innovative courts and questioned those who worked there and the initiators of these projects.

As these innovative courts also aimed at solving underlying problems and ensured an improvement of relationships in society, Alexander developed the concept of Sustainable Justice. He presented the concept at international conferences and academic expert meetings, got support and built up a large international network.


Sustainable Justice became his lifework and in 2010 he founded the Center for Sustainable Justice to promote the concept worldwide.

Alexander is actively committed to the Center by writing publications and giving lectures, workshops, readings and presentations to students, scientists and professionals. He is initiator and co-author of the Sustainable Justice Charter.


Lohman divorced after 23 years of marriage. He has three children and seven grandchildren. He loves nature and gardening an is an enthusiastic practitioner of the Indonesian martial art Pentjak Silat. He accompanies weekly African dance lessons together with other African and Dutch percussionists.