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Sustainable Justice Charter

The Center has written a charter in order to summarize the essence of sustainable justice. The Sustainable Justice Charter is written by Alexander F. de Savornin Lohman and Jaap van Straalen of our Center in close collaboration with the well-known Australian judge and professor Dr Andrew J. Cannon from Adelaide and was published on 10 December 2015.



After its launch the Center asked a few internationally recognized and influential scholars, judges and professionals to co-signed the Charter. Many of them signed spontaneously and enthusiastically. Read here who the signers are and how they reacted on the Charter.



A French translation of the Charter, the Charte de la justice durable and a Dutch version, the Handvest Duurzame Rechtspraak, have been published so far.

The original English Charter and the French and Dutch versions can be downloaded with the following links:

Sustainable Justice Charter

Charte de la justice durable

Handvest Duurzame Rechtspraak



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