center for sustainable justice

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What we do

The Center sees social sustainability as an important basic objective for the judiciary and as the key principle for the development of justice that matters to society.

Social sustainability was given top priority in the Dutch judiciary in 2016, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty about it.

We seek to create clarity about sustainable justice and to highlight the possibilities and opportunities it offers to justice and society, both nationally and internationally.


We do this by:

  • collecting and sharing knowledge and documentation on sustainable justice
  • promoting the exchange of views
  • giving lectures and presentations to scientists, professionals, students and other interested parties
  • publishing articles, blogs, videos and supporting material
  • providing content support for research and the writing of publications
  • other activities in support of the objective.


We drew up the Sustainable Justice Charter as a brief summary of the principles of sustainable justice. In addition to the original English text there is a French translation, the Charte de la justice durable, and a Dutch version, the Handvest Duurzame Rechtspraak.

When we published the Charter, we asked some world-famous scholars, judges and professionals to sign it. Many did so spontaneously and enthusiastically. Read here what they wrote about the Charter.