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Conflict resolution


Conflicts and disputes

Mostly problems and conflicts solve without difficulty, either by letting time go by, or by talking about it with each other, eventually together with family or friends.


Sometimes a situation gets stuck and you can’ t get out of it that way. Then one of the options is going to court, often with the assistance of an attorney. You can also choose to go to a counselor, mediator or a complaints committee if there is one for the problem.


Courts solve problems judicially. They settles disputes. The conflict must first be judiciarized. This transforms the conflict into a dispute.


This raises questions:

  • What is the difference between a dispute and a conflict? And
  • Does dispute resolution actually solve my problem or conflict?


The links on this page give information in different ways about the difference between conflicts and disputes and about what is needed to solve conflicts and problems in a sustainable way.