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Welcome to our website.

We promote sustainable justice into the world.

Sustainable justice is justice that helps solving problems in a sustainable way and contributes to workable relationships in society.

Resolving problems is not only about settling a dispute or punishing a crime, it also includes removing the causes, so that they will not create new problems.

The definition also applies to adjoining sectors by replacing the term ‘justice’ with an appropriate term for the sector. So, sustainable advocacy, sustainable mediation, sustainable prosecution, sustainable policing, sustainable probation, and so on, can be developed.


We focus on the justice system in particular as the courts play a central role in setting the example.

In sustainable courts, judges use their power and authority to build a better and safer society. For example, American Drug-Courts and Problem-Solving Courts carry out training programs under the supervision of the judge that help offenders to solve the problems that put them on the wrong track and to build a new life as a valued fellow citizen.


The Center regards social sustainability as an important basic objective for the judiciary and as the leading principle in court innovation.
In 2016, the Dutch judiciary launched the project Justice that matters. By doing so, it placed social sustainability high on the list of priorities, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty about the issue.

We want to create clarity and highlight the opportunities and chances for justice.
We do this by, for example:

  • sharing knowledge about sustainable justice
  • publishing blogs with practical examples
  • distributing newsletters
  • giving talks, lectures and presentations to students, scholars and professionals
  • encouraging students, PhD students and scholars to involve sustainable justice in their research and provide them with support.


We drew up the Sustainable Justice Charter, which briefly summarizes the principles of sustainable justice. The original English text was launched in 2015. In addition a French translation, the Charte de la justice durable, and a Dutch version, the Handvest Duurzame Rechtspraak are now available.
After its publishment we asked some internationally renowned scholars, judges and professionals to sign the Charter. Many of them did so spontaneously and enthusiastically. Read here who then signed the Charter and how they reacted on Sustainable Justice.


Center for Sustainable Justice is a private initiative.

A Support Group of motivated co-workers and volunteers supports the work of the Center.

Financially, the Center is dependent on grants and donations.

The Center’s management regularly consults with its Advisory Board, which is composed of members who have earned their spurs in society.